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In the light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have moved all of our residential programmes online, where we will deliver engaging and interactive academic content virtually, in keeping with current guidelines.

Every year, Trinity College runs a number of residential programmes for students and teachers, 渴望在学校之外探索自己的学科,并体验在顶尖大学学习的感觉. Students stay in college accommodation, meet current students and have taster lectures, seminars and supervisions in a variety of subjects. They also have the opportunity to explore the city, and take part in a number of social activities during the week. The residentials are entirely free, including accommodation and all food, and funds are available to cover transport costs to and from Cambridge if necessary.

Our Programmes



An immersive, 为期4天的课程,旨在向高能力的学生介绍在大学学习语言的好处. 住宿将包括一系列(在线)研讨会,旨在提供一个在剑桥大学学习语言的样本, 与手机网赌软件下载的学者们一起举办品尝会,让学生们了解毕业生的就业机会. The programme will feature a range of informative talks and Q&As, to give a flavour of studying languages as an undergraduate student, 以及在手机网赌软件下载学习语言学家的社会和课外生活的机会.


16TH – 19TH AUGUST 2021

STEM宿舍的虚拟女性项目是手机网赌软件下载年度项目的一部分,旨在扩大对STEM感兴趣的女性和非二元性别学生的参与. 手机网赌软件下载致力于使手机网赌软件下载的STEM本科生群体多样化,这个住宅的设计是为了提供信息, 授权和激励女性和非二元未来的科学家在手机网赌软件下载的一系列科学课程中做出有竞争力的应用.

Stonehouse Residential



虚拟的Stonehouse住宅2021旨在复制教师和学生参与的详细重点,这是面对面项目的核心. 被选定的学校将有资格提名一个11年级班级的学生,在9月下旬接受一天的定制演讲和提高愿望活动. 学生和陪同老师将需要在学校参与的那一天的时间内休息.

Target Oxbridge Visits Trinity College

Track to Trin (Y12)

April – September, 2021

Track to Trin is an innovative, student-led pilot mentoring scheme for Black Year 12 students and set to launch in March. The programme will be run, virtually, 从2021年4月到9月,手机网赌软件下载研究生学术社区的博士学生被选为黑色12年级学生的月度在线指导形式的会议, aiming to offer guidance and super-curricular support.

The Brilliant Club/Trinity College Transition Project

The Brilliant Club

2 Year Programme

We have partnered with The Brilliant Club 为英格兰北部有兴趣申请剑桥大学或牛津大学(合称为“牛桥”)的学者计划毕业生提供为期两年的支持。.


March – December, 2021

Trinity Outreach will be launching a mentoring scheme for a small group of Year 12 students. 这将包括一个混合的外展从业者主导的会议,重点是通知和指导学生申请大学的细节, 与精心挑选的学生导师进行一对一的辅导,可以增强他们的学术信心,帮助他们填补课程知识的空白.

Women in Maths at Trinity College

Women in Maths residential (Y12)

Weekly from March 2021

Christ’s and Trinity Colleges run an annual Women in Maths residential, 这是一个为想要在顶尖大学学习数学和相关课程的有才华的年轻女性举办的独特活动.  你将参加由剑桥大学学者教授的讲座和课程,并会见现有的学生和工作人员. 这是一个很好的机会来了解在剑桥大学学习数学是什么样子的.  Attendees will also have the chance to virtually explore Christ’s and Trinity Colleges, 除了学术讲座和课程,还要参加一系列的社会活动和其他与数学相关的活动.

Target Oxbridge

Target Oxbridge (Y10)

Online, April – July

手机网赌软件下载很高兴地宣布,手机网赌软件下载已经为10年级学生推出了一个新的合作项目 Target Oxbridge! 牛津剑桥Target是一个免费的在线课程,将为非洲和加勒比地区的黑人学生提供服务, and mixed race students with Black heritage, 早期了解剑桥生活的机会,以及如何获得剑桥的入学资格.

Easy as Pi - Women in Maths Masterclass (Y11)

November 2020 to April 2021

简单如Pi -女性数学大师课程将打开你的眼睛,数学的魔力,它在解决当今世界的关键问题. Through a series of hands-on extra-curricular online workshops, students all over the UK will meet to explore the subject in innovative and interesting ways.

Love Languages Online Masterclass (Y11)

November 2020 to April 2021

The event is designed to bring language learning to life, help build their confidence and make learning a language exciting for young people. 手机网赌软件下载希望鼓励他们在GCSE考试之后继续学习语言,并理解语言在全球语境中的重要性.

Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool

Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool (Teachers)

Ongoing / Online

In partnership between World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) and Trinity, 该课程旨在与教师合作,在大学学习该课程的背景下,构建A - Level课程内容.

Click Cambridge

Click Cambridge (Y10 / Y12)

Applications Closed

ClickCambridge is a new online programme for 2020/21, 哪些学校的目标是为学生提供申请名牌大学所需的信息和技能. 手机网赌软件下载直接参与为黑人/黑人混合学生提供10年级课程.

Find out more at the ClickCambridge website.

Area Links and Remote Outreach

Ongoing / Online

For the upcoming academic year, Trinity College will be offering our link schools (Hampshire, (Milton Keynes and Isle of wright)为学生和教师设计的可预订的在线推广课程,这些课程可以以安全、灵活的方式远程传递给学校,无需支付任何费用.


Annual Programme

HE+ is a collaborative project between the University of Cambridge and its Colleges, working together with groups of state schools and colleges in 18 regions of the UK.  In the 2017-18 academic year, over 3,000 Year 12 students in more than 130 schools and colleges are participating in the initiative.

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